How to Keep Customer Loyal?

Customer satisfaction is one of the factor that customer want to purchase the product repeatedly, because customer satisfaction plays an important role to benefit from our business. Customer satisfaction has an effect on the continuity of our business whether the business we create can last long or run aground on the road. Customer may leave or change the product if they are not satisfied with the product they are purchased. Otherwise, customer will come back if they feel satisfied with the product.

There are five procedure to keep customer loyalty. First, many companies will only offer the products without give them special attention. This procedure will allow the companies to sell their product once, or maybe twice. By giving a special attention to its customer, they will feel satisfy about the company’s services. This procedure will be a magnet to attract more people to purchase to products.

Second, create mutually beneficial relationship with the customer. Nowadays, company need to think smarter and not only thinking about their own advantage because customer is getting smarter in choosing the products they will buy.

Third, perform a post-sale followed-up. This procedure will not only for getting a new customer purpose, but also maintain the old customer to be updated with their products.

Fourth, companies can offer an attractive program to maintain consumer loyalty. For example, a company can offer a membership-card to the customer. This membership has several advantages, including membership points, membership discount, and membership gifts.

Fifth, give benefits to your loyal customer. The benefits in this section is not only about membership points, or membership discount. But a loyal customer can also involve into its companies by join as a reseller. The customer will not only get the discount promo, but also getting more money by sale the products to the other customer.

These procedures are just a big scratch of how to keep the customer loyal to your company. There are many other ways to keep the customer loyalty. SmileLOYALTY, member of SmileFOKUS is one of the best loyalty systems in the world. SmileLOYALTY was created with the main objective of to make people smile whenever they are experiencing the Loyalty Solution which our clients are offering to their customers. Our design is Simple, Easy, and the "Grandmom can do” attitude. However, we believe many of our features are “First in the world” for the Loyalty Management Solution (LMS).